We  makes full performing  expansions for KORG world…..

(CE)EXB.SET and (CE)3X.SET  :

*   We are making updates to this product and customers still using…

*  You can use total 182mb sampled sound and percussion samples.

*   Total styles 380-∞.Because we are making new updates.

*   160 multisample,approximately 2700 sample 140 sound…(you can listen the demos at home page)

*   First work for pa3x

*   We edited full global and mastering performances.

Demo page for (CE)EXB.SET and (CE)3X.SET

Korg TR-10 :

We made this product with together Can Elektronik (Korg Turkey Company).You can use this data for Korg PA600QT.

* 82.1mb sample and percussion datas .

* 160 styles ,full edited sts.performancesi pads and global functions.

* You can take free upgrades for 2 years !!! and FREE!!!

* You needs MicroSD card for this datas and you can download directly www.korgparturkiye.com

Demo Page for Korg TR-10

(CE) Usb.SET :

We finished updates and sales at 2012.We updated a lot of times(version 17) and updates was free.We sampled 61 mb data for this product and total sample area is 61mb.Pa800 and pa2xpro customers had this datas .They used this data  for themself personal performances for live playing.

Demo Page for Korg KROME

CE_KROME Synth Pocket

This data will make your KROME very stronger  a synthsizer machine.You have to same a Analog synthsizer performance with CE_KROME upgrade.You fill    an expensive Analog Synthsizer on your KROME….

Demos coming soon……….